electric fly spinner fan anti mosquito bug dining soft fly repellnt fan portable desk fly fan for tables indoor outdoor


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  • 【Lightweight and Portable】Fly fan for tables is lightweight at 0.42lb, so even a child can easily pick it up. The light weight means it can be moved wherever you want, from the kitchen to the dining room, or from the dining room to the patio table. In addition, the fly repellent fan can be folded. When folded, its overall length is reduced by half. Once it is shortened, it can easily be carried around when you go out for barbecue, picnic or camping.
  • 【Convenient Power Supply】In order to provide a convenient power supply method, the fly fan has designed two power supply methods: battery supply and TYPE-C cable supply. The battery supply is to use 2AA batteries, which are placed in the battery slot at the bottom of the fly repellent fan. TYPE-C cable supply connects the power supply and fly repellent fan. Obviously, TYPE-C cable supply is suitable for indoors with power supply, and battery supply is suitable for outdoors without power supply.
  • 【Reflective Fan Blades and Simple Installation】The fan blades have reflective patterns that reflect lights as they rotate, creating a confusing environment for flies. The flies will leave because they hate this lights, and the purpose of repelling flies is achieved. In addition, the installation of the fly fan is extremely simple, just install the fan blades. In order to prevent the fan blades from falling off, the fan blades cannot be removed at will after installation.
  • 【Soft-stop Technology and Soundless】For the sake of safety, fly fans for tables are equipped with soft stop technology. When an object touches the rotating fan blades, the fly fan will stop rotating immediately. Until the object no longer touches the fan blade, it will rotate again. And the fan blade is soft, so it will not hurt your hand. It’s friendly for families with small children. Besides, the fly fan operates silently. It doesn’t make any sound to disrupt quiet environment.
  • 【Enjoy your food without flies】Flies always like to circle around the food and disturb the tranquility of our meal. Neijiaer fly repellent fans are there to maintain this peace and quiet. Put a few fly fans around the table and no more flies will come to covet your food. Because fly fans can create an environment that flies hate, and they won’t come near the area covered by the fans. Therefore, whether it is indoor or outdoor party, picnic, camping, it can escort your well-prepared meal.


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